Obagi Nu-Derm Systems

When it comes to transforming aging skin, nothing else is Obagi Nu-Derm. 

Learn how to continue the transformation. Throughout our lives we all experience occasional sunburns, regular sun exposure, hormonal changes, stress, and environmental pollution. All these factors contribute to the signs of premature ageing. The Nu-Derm System has been formulated to improve the signs of ageing at the cellular level.

  • Improves cellular skin function
  • Minimizes the signs of premature ageing
  • Reduces future photodamage
  • Helps skin look and act younger and healthier
  • Reduces acne flares


Obagi C-RX System - A prescription system which is designed to proactively correct emerging signs of damage to help restore and maintain your healthy, youthful-looking glow.

Obagi Rosaclear™ - helps rosacea clients achieve a clearer, calmer, more balanced-looking complexion, treating redness and flushing as well as inflammatory papules and postules.

Obagi Vitamin C - Professional-C serums help to protect your skin while neutralizing free radicals; lighten and brighten your skin tone and reduce inflammation and retain moisture.

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Treatment - helps to reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles, restores elasticity and complements your other facial aesthetic procedures.

Obagi Elastiderm Decolletage System - can help correct, restore and maintain the radiant, youthful glow of your decolletage skin.

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ System - penetrates follicles to treat acne where it  starts for clearer, healthier skin. Clinically proven therapies.



 Testimonials from our clients...

 DP from Truro 

 One week in and for the first time in 10 years I feel pretty not wearing makeup. Thank you