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Deesse LED Mask

The Déesse LED mask provides a safe and pain-free way to achieve naturally vibrant and clearer skin for those who are acne prone, starting to show the signs of ageing, or suffering from certain skin conditions, by using light emitting diodes (LEDs) which provide low-level light therapy (LLLT) treatment. It’s a favourite with celebrities and Hollywood A-listers, all looking for that radiant glow.

We use the Déesse mask as it offers us the option to use five different wavelengths, or colours of light, separately or in combination: blue light (415nm), red light (630nm) and near infra-red light (830nm), yellow light (580nm) LED light is now used in a variety of medical and cosmetic settings, and we use special medical-grade, surface-mounted LEDs in the form of a mask, which can be placed over your face.

It looks a little space age, but by incorporating the LEDs into a mask shape, we can deliver the light in a more precise way and expose your skin to clinically proven wavelengths of light to provide targeted, therapeutic purifying treatment for acne (using blue light), skin rejuvenation, detoxifying, brightening, post procedure and healing for conditions such as rosacea and eczema (using red and near-infra red light).

At Aesthetic Solutions in Truro, we can offer three specific programmes of treatment using the Déesse LED mask. These include:

Deesse LED Mask - Acne ProgrammeThe Acne Programme – Near infra-red and blue light

Using the clinical proven effects of exposure to blue LED light, we can use the mask to target this condition. By applying blue light to your skin, it will destroy the p.acnes (propionibacterium.acnes) bacteria which are responsible for creating the inflammation that we see with acne, i.e. spots, pustules etc. The blue light will improve the clarity of your skin, have an anti-bacterial effect by killing the bacteria, and help to regulate your natural production of oil, or sebum, which leads to congested, acne prone skin. The combined LED lights also calm redness and inflammation in the skin, helping to reduce the impact and appearance of acne over time. Treatment is without any irritation or downtime, and the benefits will soon start to show.

Deesse LED Mask Anti-Ageing ProgrammeThe Anti-Ageing Programme – Near infra-red and red light

LED light can also be used for skin rejuvenation to restore skin radiance and improve the appearance of ageing by reducing fine lines, and improving the texture, tone and skin complexion. The LLLT can stimulate circulation in the face, increase lymphatic drainage (the removal of impurities by the body), and increase the skin’s natural hydration. But, more importantly, the use of red LED Light can influence and increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin; the building blocks for new, youthful skin cells.

Deesse LED Mask - Healing ProgrammeThe Healing Programme – Near infra-red, red and blue light

By combining all three wavelengths of LED light in the Déesse mask (blue, red, near infra-red), we combine their benefits into one and create a healing solution. As well as targeting a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, this is also ideal post-treatment, after chemical skin peels or lasers to assist with optimal healing. The combination of LLLTs enhances skin repair and healing and guards against infection. Many people also note that is helps with any post-treatment pain and discomfort after other procedures.

We also have the Deese Pro which also offers extra programmes including:

The Detoxifying Programme - Near infra-red light and yellow light

- Detoxifying - Stimulates lymphatic system - Improves the skin complexion - neutralises, balances and calms skin.

The Brightening Programme - Near infra-red light and green light

Regulates the production of melanin - Lightens & reduces existing pigment - Very effective at tackling redness. Rejuvenates Skin.

The Post Procedure Programme - Near infrared light, red light and blue light

- Calms redness and inflammation - Post procedure - Destroys bacteria - Speeds healing process - Stimulates cellular renewal & repair.

The Calming Programme - Near infrared light, green light and blue light

- Neutralises, balanceds & calms skin - Calms redness and inflammation - Improves skin complexion - Stimulates cellular renewal & repair.

Used alone or in combination with Hydrafacial, this LED mask offers a fantastic addition to your long-term skin health programme. A shorter session using the Déesse mask will be included with all Hydrafacial treatments free of charge. 

We also use the Déesse LED mask after Alumier MD skin peels.

Dessee LED Mask used with Hydrafacial

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The Déesse LED Mask Journey

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Déesse LED Mask Questions

  • What is the Déesse LED mask?

    Déesse provides low-level light therapy (LLLT) through surface-mounted light emitting diodes (LEDs), specially designed into a face mask shape. It uses these medical-grade LEDs to expose the skin to three different wavelengths of light – blue, red and near infra-red.

    The wavelength of light is measured in nanometers (nm), and Déesse allows us to use blue light (415nm), red light (630nm) and near infra-red light (830nm) separately, or in combination during treatment.

  • How is it applied?

    You simply lie back in a comfortable position in-clinic and we will apply the mask on top of your face for the required treatment time.

  • What does Déesse treat?

    We can use the LED mask in a variety of treatment programmes design to target acne, rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance of ageing, as well as targeting skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. We can also use the Déesse mask as a healing-aid after other skin treatments such as skin peels, laser or Hydrafacial.

  • Does it hurt?

    Many people find this treatment very relaxing and have been known to fall asleep during treatment. You may feel a sensation of warm.

  • Are there any side effects?

    LLLT treatment is considered very safe and requires no downtime after treatment.

  • Who should not have LLLT therapy?

    Those with a pre-existing sensitivity to light, or who are taking certain medication which may make them, or their skin, sensitive to light will not be suitable for treatment. We also do not recommend treating pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.

    LED light is suitable for all skin types and colours.

  • How long does it last?

    Result longevity will depend on the treatment programme being addressed – acne, anti-ageing or healing – and the achievable outcome. You will be advised on a maintenance treatment programme to help you keep the results long-term.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price for a single treatment is £40. A course of 12 sessions is recommended, twice weekly, over a 6-week period. We offer this with discounted packages of 6 sessions for the price of 5. The total cost being £200 for 6 sessions.