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Vbeam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

Vbeam Perfecta® is the name for a pulsed-dye laser made by leading cosmetic laser maker Syneron Candela. It is regarded as the gold standard and the world’s most popular pulsed-dye laser. We use this device to safely treat and remove pigmentation and vascular lesions which bother our patients.

These can include pigmented or discoloured areas of the skin, such as age spots, sometimes also called sun spots or liver spots.

We can also treat vascular problems, or those associated with veins, including rosacea, facial redness and thread or spider veins on the face and legs.

The device can also be used to treat more significant concerns such as poikiloderma or port wine stain birthmarks. The pulsed dye laser is so versatile that it has also been proven to treat stretch marks, warts and psoriasis, as well as scarring, including acne scarring.

The great thing about the VBeam Perfecta is that we can use it on all skin types or colours, on the face, hands and other areas of the body, and it has a low incidence of causing side effects.

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The Vbeam Perfecta Journey

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Vbeam Perfecta Questions

  • What is the Vbeam Perfecta?

    The Vbeam Perfecta is a pulsed dye laser that can effectively and safely remove skin imperfections, discolouration or pigmentation concerns commonly referred to as age spots, sun spots or liver spots and freckles. It can also treat rosacea, facial redness and other vascular or pigmentation abnormalities like facial and leg thread veins, poikiloderma and port wine stains. It has also been proven to treat scars, stretch marks, warts and psoriasis.

    Vbeam is safe to use on all skin types or colours of skin.

  • How does it work?

    The pulsed dye laser produces a gentle, but intense burst of light which is delivered to the skin and direct to the area being targeted for treatment. The heat energy from the laser light is absorbed by the blood vessels, in the case of a vascular imperfection such as a thread vein, or by the melanin or darker pigment in the case of a pigmented area of the skin, such as a freckle or age spot. This allows the laser to treat such a variety of conditions which are related to vascular or pigmented lesions or imperfections.

  • What precautions should I take before treatment?

    We recommend that you avoid exposure to sun, both natural and sunbeds, on the area being treated, both before and throughout your treatment programme. During this time an SPF30 or higher sun protecting factor sunscreen should be worn daily. We can provide both guidance and a product range to suit your skin type.

  • What happens during a Vbeam treatment?

    Depending on the location of the area that you are having treated, you will most likely be lying down or reclining on a comfortable treatment couch whilst you are treated. Our practitioner will then set up the Vbeam Perfecta machine with the parameters needed to target the specific condition you are being treated for.

    During treatment you will feel a warming or tingling sensation. Local or topical anaesthesia of any kind is not usually required as a cooling system is also used to protect the surface of the skin and minimise discomfort.

  • Are the treatments painful?

    During treatment, your skin will be protected from damage by using a cooling burst of cryogen, essentially ice-cold air, which is sprayed onto the upper layer of the skin milliseconds before each pulse or firing of the pulsed dye laser. We use a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) for this. As well as protecting the skin, The DCD™ also increases your comfort during treatment and helps minimise post-treatment side effects such as redness.

  • Are there any side effects?

    You should avoid alcohol and aspirin on the day of treatment.

    After treatment, most people report that their skin feels like having a mild sunburn. Any redness immediately afterwards usually disappears after 24 hours. Sometimes, a ‘laser bruise’ called a purpura in medical terms can occur after pulsed dye laser treatment. This is a normal reaction and usually disappears in three to five days. Swelling, particularly in the face, can be reduced by sleeping in a more upright position.

    You will be given post-treatment advice and skincare products by our practitioner based on the area and condition being treated with the Vbeam Perfecta.

  • Is pulsed dye laser treatment safe?

    Yes, pulsed dye laser treatments are regarded as safe, having been used in medical treatments for some considerable time. They have been used since the 1980s for the treatment of port wine stains in babies and young children. By using the Dynamic Cooling Device, we also ensure your comfort and protection of the skin in the area being treated.

  • Are pulsed dye laser treatments permanent?

    Permanency of results are will depend on several factors, including your ongoing lifestyle and the original condition being treated. For example, dark pigmented age spots on the back of your hands caused by exposure to the sun may well return eventually if you continue to spend time in the sunshine without adequate use of sun protection on your hands.

    It’s important to talk to us about your treatment aims and expectations so we can create a treatment programme and ongoing plan to suit your needs.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of Vbeam treatment will depend on both the condition or skin imperfection, and the size of the area which requires treatment. Our nurse, Kerry, will be happy to discuss your concerns and treatment options with you during a consultation. Prices will start from £150 and will include skin creams for use post-treatment.