Natural skin regeneration and scar repair therapy


Before Dermaroller™ Procedures

After Dermaroller™ Procedures

Before and after 3 Dermaroller™ Procedures 


Dermaroller Stretchmarks Before

Dermaroller Stretchmarks After

Before and after Dermaroller™ Procedure on stretch marks


What is Dermaroller™?

Dermaroller™ is an advanced micro-medical skin needling, which stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger looking skin.  Dermaroller™ is used to treat acne scars, aged and sun damaged skin, facial and décollete lines and wrinkles and stretch marks.  The most popular areas treated are face, neck, decollete, hands and stretchmark areas.

Different devices range from 0.02mm “at home” rollers to 3mm designed to be used by a trained nurse or doctor.

What happens during the treatment?

On consultation expectations should be discussed, skin preparations of vitamins A and C prior to the procedure may enhance results.  Topical anaesthetics are applied prior to the procedure and treatment times range from 10 - 60 minutes depending on the area of treated skin.  Afterwards the skin appears and feels sunburnt - pink/red some with some mild discomfort rarely bruising.  Redness fades normally within 12 hours but may continue for 2/3 days.  Aftercare creams are issued.

How often do I need the treatment?

Your practitioner will normally recommend a  series of 2 - 3 procedures with approximately 6 weeks between each.  Scar treatments may require up to 5 treatments.

Who should not have Dermaroller™?

Clients not suitable for treatments are those who have active skin infections (e.g. cold sores -  a 5 day course of acylovir should be given to any clients with a history of cold sores),  and clients with a history of skin healing problems, or those who have taken isotretinoin within the last 6 months.  Anyone on high does of blood thinners and steroids should also avoid this treatment.

What is the cost?

Pen treatment  £75
Face  £300
Face, neck, chest and hands £400
Stretchmarks £300

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